Why we’re an aveda salon

Bibas Hair and Beauty, in Bloomsbury, is both a leading beauty salon in London specialising in Aveda Facials, and also widely recognised as one of the top hairstyling salons in the capital. As well as being renowned hairdressing stylists and colouring experts, all their staff are extensively trained on the natural Aveda products and the philosophies behind their production, use and benefits.

Our salon works closely with, and is supported by, the Aveda brand, and they fully integrate this ‘natural quality’ approach to both the products used, and the services they offer and deliver.

Here is a little background information as to what makes Aveda salons particularly special:

The origins of Aveda

Aveda takes its’ premise and practice from AYURVEDA, a form of Hindu healing tradition dating back over five thousand years. Ayurveda is a truly holistic system of healing and wellbeing, with historical roots in the Indian subcontinent. It is based on the knowledge of all life and longevity, and its interconnectivity into all elements. It is the concept of treating the whole self rather than just individual aspects, thus leading to greater balance and overall wellbeing.

What does AVEDA Represent?

As an AVEDA salon, we are attempting to practice our business with an appreciation of, and a care for, the world we live in and respect, and show a responsibility for, the environment in general. Environmental sustainability is the bedrock in which all Aveda business decisions are made – the belief, and practice, that profit and environmental responsibility can work together in harmony, and benefit both the business bottom-line and the continued protection and enhancement of the environment.

Aveda products

Aveda products are based upon the art and science of pure flower and plant essences. All Aveda products contain naturally derived ingredients – that is, ingredients for which more than 50% of the molecule comes from a plant, non-petroleum mineral, water or another natural source. Aveda products naturally connect wellbeing, the environment and beauty.

Our Aveda Salon

Our salon offers bespoke facial treatments for both men and women – these Aveda facials are individually designed for you following a careful, personal skin consultation and analysis to establish your skin type. A facial with Aveda’s gentle plant-based products will guarantee you, not only great results, but a genuine relaxing and beneficial experience.

Whether you want to treat yourself to an Aveda hair appointment, or an alternative Aveda beauty treatment, then Bibas Hair and Beauty is the Aveda salon in London to visit.

Bibas Hair & Beauty

Mark & Sue Pittman established Bibas Hair & Beauty as their own in 1992. Together they have built a hair and beauty salon which provides both Londoners and visitors from around the world with expert salon services including great haircuts, colours and beauty treatments.

You can view our range of hairdressing and beauty treatments on our new website. For more information please contact us or request an appointment online.