Why people are scared of the hairdressers

Lots of people have phobias over different things – most of us can name the most common phobias – but one that many won’t know is Tonsurephobia – a fear of hairdressers or, more accurately, fear of getting their hair cut. Whilst it is not that common a condition, lots of people, whilst not having a full-blown phobia of going to a hair salon, DO have anxiety over it!

So what makes people anxious?

Okay, so what kind of things make people anxious, or scared, of visiting the hairdresser?

For lots of women, getting your hair cut or styled is a major event – your hair is something you wear every day without fail – you’re never seen without it, and is one the most prominent physical features that an individual has some control over the appearance of. If you wear a top, or outfit, one day that turns out to be a ‘disaster’, you can throw it in the back of the wardrobe and it never has to see the light of day again – but you can’t do that with your hair!

When you go to the hairdresser, you effectively relinquish that control aspect of how your hair is going to look.

Do you lose confidence in your decisions?

Very often you will set off for the hair salon with a very clear idea of what you want but, when you arrive, when faced with a salon populated with glamorous, trendy staff you can quickly feel a little intimidated or unattractive and, therefore, lose confidence in your decisions. In these circumstances, it is easy to just agree to go along with whatever may be suggested to you by others, even if it’s not what you wanted!

Does unclear pricing make you nervous?

It can sometimes seem a little unclear as to the pricing structure – is it just the cut that costs that, or do I have to pay a separate fee for the blow dry, the products and so on?  Being presented with a bill that is double what you expected can be a scary – and embarrassing – experience!

Research your salon and ask for recommendations

Find a hair salon – and stylist – that you know you can trust. Get recommendations from friends about which hairdresser they use and the names of specific stylists. Look at online reviews from regular customers and make an informed decision as to which salon to approach. Once decided upon a salon, make an appointment for an initial consultation, and nothing else.

Talk to your stylist about your desired style

Your relationship with your stylist should be a personal one, and communication is key to instilling confidence and comfort. Talk openly and honestly about what you want – not just how you want your hair to look, but how you want it to make you feel! A good stylist will understand that need, and talk with you equally honestly about what may, or may not, work for you. A good hair salon will have stylists that are happy to have a full consultation with you before doing anything, and will remain with you throughout the entire process.

A competent stylist will provide you with practical advice and information on how to look after and maintain your hair, once you’ve left the hair salon, and on any treatments and products you can/should use to recreate the ‘salon look’ yourself at home. Your stylist should openly and clearly establish with you the costs for the treatment/cut BEFORE undertaking any part of it. Never be afraid to ask – your stylist will expect, and welcome, the conversation – it’s embarrassing both ways if there is a disagreement or discrepancy at the end of the cut!

A competent stylist will tell you if they think that it’s just not going to look good – at the end of the day they are equipped with scissors and knowledge – not magic wands. You are always entitled to know why they are advising what they do – so never be afraid to ask questions and for explanations. If you have pictures or photographs of what you want, it is always a good idea to take them with you.

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