Simple ways to transform your hair style

When the better weather comes along, people often consider a change in their look to match the new season. You may want to simply update your current look and style, or may want to try a dramatic, completely new appearance. Either way, it takes careful consideration before committing your precious locks to a new style.

Here are some suggestions and ideas to think about before making your change:

Change your hair colour

If you’re looking for a dramatic change to your appearance, then the most noticeable way to do it is to change your colour! If you’re opting for a complete change of colour, then it is advisable to consult with, and get it done by, a qualified colourist, rather than attempting it yourself with a home-colour kit. Consider what colour your hair currently is before deciding on what you want to move to – going from brunette to blonde, for example, will almost certainly have to be done ‘in stages’ and require a few visits to your hairdresser. If you’re opting for pastel colours, then your hair will need to be bleached first.

Hair chalks are a good temporary option and may be an advisable ‘first step’ to ensure the colour you’re moving too is actually what you want! Chalks are also a great option for multi-tonal effects in your hair, mixing different pastel shades for a striking appearance!

Change your hair length

Changing the length of your hair has always been an easy option if wanting to go from long to short – not quite so straightforward the other way. Nowadays, though, the quality and range of hair extensions available will allow you to add length instantly to your hair style – and, of course, give you the option to reverse to your natural, shorter style quickly and easily if required. If hair extensions prove too much of a financial investment, consider a clip-in hair piece to provide extra length and volume.

If you’re considering going from long to short, but are nervous about cropping your precious long locks, then consider a ‘pixie’ cut – just ask your hairdresser to make it a little longer at the front – this will change your appearance, but still leave you with a little length to play with. This option can help as a ‘half-way’ stage, getting you used to a shorter cut until you pluck up the courage to crop it more fully to a true short style.

Part your hair differently

You don’t always have to change the physical make-up of your hair to make it look different – a simple ‘rearrangement’ can provide you with a revamped style. Parting your hair differently from your normal way can instantly change its’ appearance. If you’ve been sporting a centre-part for a while, switch to a side parting – or vice versa. Let it fall into its ‘natural’ position – simply comb your hair back when wet and push it forward at the crown with the palm of your hand – your hair will ‘split’ and fall naturally – this can, not only alter your look, but will also be the easiest style to maintain on a daily basis.


Accessorizing your hair style is a great – and fun – way to change your look. Adding clips, bands and pins can give your hair an immediate lift – experiment with bejewelled or floral bands for a more ‘ornate’ look to your hair.

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