Are you using a sunbed for the first time this winter

We all love the “healthy glow” of a good suntan – it makes us feel, and look, better and happier! It’s not always, however, possible to sport a healthy tan during the winter months – here in the UK the weather isn’t often conducive to getting, or maintaining, a suntan.

One option is to make use of a tanning salon or solarium – a sunbed is a great way to achieve your tanned look. If you have never used a sunbed before, then here are a few useful tips and guidelines to getting the best results:

Complete a skin analysis form

Before undertaking your first tanning session, it is wise to fill in a skin analysis form. Every salon should provide you with a form which will determine your skin type and, therefore, the associated tanning capabilities along with the recommended number of sessions, frequency and duration of each. You should avoid spending too long on a sunbed for the first few sessions.

Review tanning equipment options

Most salons will have a couple of tanning options – a lying down sunbed, the use of which is self-explanatory, or a vertical sunbed, which necessitates holding two handles whilst standing. Many prefer the vertical option as it doesn’t involve direct contact with any surfaces and, can be, deemed more hygienic. Alternatively, the lie-down sunbed offers a more relaxing experience.

Remove all cosmetics and make-up

It is important to remove ALL cosmetics and make-up. Some cosmetics can react adversely to the UV rays and, purely from an aesthetic point-of-view, tanning with make-up still applied will lead to an uneven finish to your tan and can create white spots on your body and face. 

Apply a tanning accelerant

It is a good idea to apply a cream, or tanning accelerant before undertaking the session. These specially-formulated products will intensify the tanning process, keep your skin moisturised and enhance the overall effect.

Where the right clothing for the tan you want

Purely a personal choice – some people will wear a bikini, swimwear or underwear – others will want to achieve that “all-over” effect and opt to tan naked. If tanning naked, it goes without saying to be extra careful of your more sensitive areas!

Always wear eye protection

Very important – ALWAYS wear the protective goggles provided! Closing your eyes will not protect them from UV radiation and ordinary sunglasses do not have the sufficient properties for protection when using a solarium.

And for afterwards… Shower and moisturise

Following a tanning session you should shower, or freshen-up, then moisturise to prevent your skin from drying-out – this will also help to prolong your tan.

It’ll take time to get the tan you want

Don’t expect to come away from the salon after one session and have a tan like you’ve just returned from the Caribbean – it will take a few sessions to achieve the look you want. Book your sessions in advance and remember to leave AT LEAST 72 hours between sessions. Build your tan gradually – and safely!

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