Top tips for reviving coloured hair

A trip to a hair colour salon is always something to look forward to. It is, however, rarely a cheap experience, so it’s important that, once you’ve had that perfect colour applied to your hair, you make it last as long as possible!

Dark dyes especially, are prone to fading, so here are some tips to follow in order to preserve, and revive, the colour in your hair and ensure it lasts longer:

Avoid shampooing for first 72 hours

One of the biggest mistakes people make after getting their hair coloured is to wash it too soon afterwards! When you have your hair dyed, the process opens up the cuticle layer of the hair, which is where the dye actually resides – in order to preserve the colour, this cuticle layer needs time to completely close before washing your hair again, so waiting at least 72 hours is recommended.

Wash your hair less frequently

Once the hair cuticle layers have closed, be aware that every time you shampoo your hair, this will cause the hair to swell and therefore allow colour to escape. So, by simply washing your hair less often, you will preserve your hair colour longer. Try using a quality dry shampoo as an alternative.

Use the right products

One of the most important tips for reviving your coloured hair is to ensure you use the correct products. When washing your hair, use a shampoo that is specifically formulated to preserve, and enhance, dyed hair. Always use a colour-safe shampoo and conditioner, and avoid any product that is a clarifying shampoo, as this will strip your hair strands and speed up the fading process.

Wherever possible, ensure that you use a proven quality product – it’s not cheap to get your hair dyed in a hair colour studio, so it’s a false economy to not protect it properly with cheaper, ineffective products afterwards!

Rinse with cold water

Many people dry their hair by simply rubbing dry with a bath towel – this process not only damages your hair in general but, if you have coloured hair, it will scrape even more colour from your hair cuticles. Alternatively, gently blot your hair and allow it to air-dry as much as possible.

Avoid over-use of heat tools

As coloured hair is often more brittle, it is often more vulnerable to heat. Try to avoid overuse of curling tongs, blow dryers and flatirons – and, if you must use them, ensure you apply a heat-protectant to your hair first!

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