Top tips on how to avoid hair loss

It can be a concern for many of us how much hair appears to be present on your brush, or comb, when washing or preparing our hair at home. Hair loss can be caused for a number of reasons, from diet to the plain ageing process, but there are a number of things we can do to help combat this situation.

Here are some things you should consider introducing into your hair care regime to keep your hair healthy and from thinning:

Avoid over treating your hair

Many of us regularly use chemical treatments on our hair – and not all of them are necessarily good for it! Some chemical processing treatments can cause considerable damage to the hair shafts, leading to thinning and hair loss. Hair bleaching agents that straighten or lighten our hair can be particularly harsh and should be avoided if the hair is already weak.

Wherever possible, it is better to maintain natural hair colour, which will reduce their thinning and potential hair loss altogether. Some of us do, however, like our changes in style, cut and colour and wherever we undergo this treatment, speak with your hair stylist about the products being used and the potential effects it may have on your hair.

Avoid hair styles that pull

There are times when we may consider more ‘drastic’ hairstyles – during the summer, or going on holiday, we might consider styles that pull the hair back from our face – tight braids, cornrows and ponytails. These are fine for short periods, but may put a strain on the hairline – be aware that any hairstyle that pulls on the hairline can damage the small hairs and lead to hair loss.

Scalp massages help nourish roots

A scalp massage will help increase the blood circulation and therefore the blood flow to the hair roots in the scalp. Your hairdresser will likely be trained in scalp massage and this will help nourish the roots of the hair and condition the scalp. It is good practice to self-massage your scalp at home whenever you are washing your hair.

A nutrient rich diet helps reduce hair loss

We are all aware these days of the importance of diet in keeping ourselves feeling – and looking – good. What you may not be so aware of is that diet is just as important for the health of your hair as it is for the other aspects of your body. Keeping yourself well-hydrated and incorporating a nutrient-rich diet will reduce the chances of hair loss. Foods rich in vitamins A promote the important production of Sebum to the scalp, vitamin B helps maintain hair colour and vitamin E improves the blood circulation to the hair follicles, so these are all helpful additions to the diet.

Choose the right comb for your hair type

Often overlooked, choosing the right comb for your hair type and style is important. Any comb that pulls or tugs at the hair will be causing damage so, generally, a wide-toothed comb is better to untangle your hair and can significantly reduce hair loss. An alternative to that, is to use your fingers to work out the tangle, wherever feasible. Another thing you should avoid wherever possible is brushing wet hair – your hair is usually weaker when wet, so is at greater risk of damage and loss when brushed in that condition.

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