Top tips for controlling your frizzy hair

Many of us spend a considerable amount of time – and money – on looking after our hair, with trips to the hair salon and many hours of home care lavished on our hairstyles. In between visits to the hairdresser, one of the most common issues, or problems, people have with their hair is frizz – that ‘flyaway’, dried out appearance that shows up at the most inconvenient times and events!

Here are some tips in how to combat that reoccurring nuisance:

Choose the right shampoo

This may seem an obvious ‘tip’ – but choosing the right shampoo is vitally important in controlling frizz and maintaining a healthy head of hair. Wherever possible, opt for a shampoo with a high concentration of glycerin – this acts as a humectant, producing a protective ‘cover’ that traps moisture in the hair, keeping it hydrated and looking shiny and sleek.

Apply appropriate conditioner after every wash

Again, may seem obvious, but is very important in maintaining the health and condition of our precious locks! It can be tempting to forego the use of a conditioner every time we wash our hair – or to opt for a “2-in-1” product – for the sake of time and convenience, but this is a mistake! You should apply an appropriate conditioner after every wash – the best technique is to smooth the hair from the mid-length point to the ends, avoiding the hair roots, as this can cause excessive oiliness.

Protect your hair with a hydrating mask

A weekly application of a hydrating mask will help greatly in protecting your hair from any damage caused by dryers or other styling tools. Look for a hydrating mask with ingredients that help maintain the moisture levels of your hair – such as coconut oil.

Allow hair to dry naturally

A tip for general hair care, not just problem frizziness – after washing, allow your hair to dry naturally for as long as possible. When eventually blow-drying, remember to keep the temperature low and at a distance of six inches-plus from your hair.

Use heated styling tools on low temperatures

One of the biggest causes of damage to the condition of your hair is excessive heat – if using hair straighteners, or any other heated styling tool, it is far better to spend longer on your hair on a lower heat than just ‘blasting’ it for a short period on a high setting! Use your heated tools within a temperature range of 250 to 300 degrees – your patience shown will pay dividends in the look and health of your hair.

Get your hair regularly trimmed

Frizzy hair is often generated through split ends – a regular trim at your hairdresser will reduce the occurrence of hair breakage and help maintain the healthy look of your hair.

Finally, it may sound like a strange tip but, Bedding – often frizziness can be caused by friction generated between your hair and your pillow! If your budget allows, try to sleep with a silk pillowcase – not only does it feel more luxurious, but it cuts down on the friction and, therefore, the frizz!

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