A leading solarium in Kings Cross

Living and working in a city like London, with its hustle and bustle, eccentricity and vibe, can mean that having the opportunity to get away and relax in the sun comes at a cost. Finding the time to tan naturally can be a drain and, naturally, there are alternatives that offer the same results but at a lesser cost. If you’re a commuter, in particular, you may find yourself waiting around with periods of time to spare. If this is the case, then using a leading solarium close to King’s Cross or Euston train stations is ideal for you, filling the time between your trains practically and giving you back your weekends.

Be bronze and beautiful

While we’re sure the thought of sunning yourself on a beach on a weekly basis appeals massively, practically it’s not something that the average person can do. A much more reasonable alternative is to visit a solarium, a tanning shop with access to lie-down sunbeds at your own leisure and for the amount of time that you wish to safely develop sun-kissed skin. Our priority is keeping your skin healthy and happy and providing a tan without additional and unnecessary risk to your health.

Safe tanning – without risks

Our skin is incredibly delicate so ensuring we look after it is key to keeping it in tip-top condition. Covering your face after no more than 5 minutes ensures that everything possible is done to prevent premature ageing and pigmentation – the skin on your face is especially delicate and can easily damage after prolonged use. Using our sunbeds with clean, fragrance-free skin will aid in the prevention of ageing. Customers are advised that they should use the sunbeds a maximum of two occasions over the course of a week, with at least a day in between sessions.

To keep your skin healthy and supple, and to ensure that your tan is prolonged as much as possible, moisturising your skin post-treatment is essential. Doing so will also replace any moisture from your skin after tanning and keep your skin hydrated. If you are particularly fair skinned or you have a lot of moles on your skin, you should make sure that you consult your GP before visiting our tanning shop.

Bibas Hair & Beauty

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