All the services you’d expect from a hair salon for men

It is long accepted that ladies regularly visit their favourite hair and beauty salon for a whole range of treatments and services. These days, however, men are increasingly following suit, investing more time, money and effort in their appearance and personal wellbeing.

Hair and beauty salons now cater for this male clientele offering many different and diverse services, from a simple dry haircut to body waxing and facials. Bibas Hair and Beauty, based in Kings Cross, is a modern, forward thinking salon that is much more than a simple men’s hair salon – here are some of their services available:

Men’s hair styling

Whilst many men still stick to a traditional, sharp short back and sides for their hair, others adopt more creative and exuberant styles. At Bibas all their stylists are fully trained in the latest techniques and styles and so are able to provide an individual, bespoke cut to create the look you want.

Away from the cut itself, if you want your hair colouring or treating, then this modern hairdressers can accommodate you with the highest quality hair and grooming products available, expertly applied by the talented stylists.

Bear trim

Facial hair is very much in vogue these days – but the ‘casual’, unkempt look isn’t so much! A sharp, evenly-cut beard conveys a smart and high-end look that enhances a gentleman’s appearance.

Male body waxing

An increasingly popular service for men, body waxing leaves a smoother, more comfortable and longer lasting result than dragging a razor over your skin! Men can have hair removal from any part of the body, from chest and back hair to a hygienic wax for underarm hair and, of course, an ‘intimate wax’ for the pubic area by way of the ‘Brazilian’ or ‘Hollywood’ style wax services. All the therapists are discreet, respectful and professionally trained, using only the highest quality products to produce the smooth finish that you – and your partner – will appreciate.

Bespoke facial treatments

You can have a bespoke facial treatment that starts with a personal consultation determining skin type, followed by cleansing and exfoliation with steam and a soothing face massage. The treatment is finished with a face masque and deep moisturisation.

Body treatments

This is a customised body treatment designed to thoroughly exfoliate your skin and increase your blood circulation. Following a steam to remove dead skin cells, a full body masque is applied – you will be wrapped in a warm towel whilst the masque works its’ magic and during this time you will enjoy a face cleansing and scalp massage. Your treatment is finished off with a gentle moisturising of your skin – a truly relaxing and enjoyable process all round!

Bibas Hair & Beauty

Mark & Sue Pittman established Bibas Hair & Beauty as their own in 1992. Together they have built a Central London salon which provides both Londoners and visitors from around the world with expert salon services including great haircuts, colours and beauty treatments.

You can view our range of hairdressing and beauty treatments on our new website. For more information please contact us or request an appointment online.