Sellac Manicures – What’s Are They All About?

Any beauty fan will tell you that there’s nothing more frustrating than finishing the last stroke on your nail polish and accidentally smudging the beautiful new colour you’ve just painstakingly applied. Even if you’re incredibly patient and give the paint all the time it needs to dry, many people still find nail polish peeling or chipping after just a few days. If problems like this sound familiar then a shellac manicure could be the answer.

What is the process

Shellac is similar to regular nail polish in that it’s several layers of paint over your natural nails, not a plastic extension – that’s known as acrylic. Shellac is less damaging to your nails in the long run than acrylic. Nail technicians will shape and buff your nails before the polish is applied and sometimes push back cuticles and treat nail beds with oil. The actual painting of the nails starts with a base coat, then at least two coats of colour and a top coat. After each of the layers are applied by your nail technician they are put under UV light to dry in a special machine. The process takes around 45 minutes and there’s no flapping your hands around for ages afterwards – nails are dry instantly.

What about removal?

After you leave the salon you’ll enjoy up to two weeks of beautiful chip-free nails and beyond this period there may be a gap at the bottom of the paint where your nail has naturally grown over the last fortnight. It’s important to visit the salon when it’s time to remove the shellac because it needs a special acetone substance to safely remove the tough gel polish.

What are the main benefits

Converts love the low-maintenance aspect of a shellac manicure, the intense shine that is much more striking than regular polish, plus the durability and long-lasting nature of the manicure. You’re likely to find the exact colour you’re after with shellac as many salons now stock a wide range. So why not treat yourself to a relaxing shellac manicure in London next time you’re nearby?

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