The Do’s and Don’ts of selecting your holiday nail colour

Holiday time is a great excuse to book a visit to your favourite nail salon and treat yourself to a new look! Whether you’re going away anywhere exotic, or simply having time off work to enjoy leisure activities closer to home, it’s an opportunity to dress up and show off a different style. Maybe you want to opt for a new OPI gel colour, or go for a different shine or polish finish to your nails – whatever you choose, you’ll want to get it right!

Here are some simple tips to consider when deciding what look to go for:

The do’s

Complement your clothing

Whatever you’re doing – or wherever you’re going – for your holidays, you’ll be planning your wardrobe ahead. Do the same with your nails – once you know the clothes you’ll be taking with you, then choose a nail colour that will best complement most of the outfits you’ll have on. For example, if wearing a lot of yellow, then perhaps red or gold may be appropriate – silver would not! Knowing what outfits you’ll be wearing will also help you narrow down the nail colour choice from the vast array of options currently available!

Ask about the latest designs

It’s amazing how often, and how quickly, design trends change – it’s a constant process. It can be difficult to keep up with the current fashion – your nail technician will be specially trained in the industry’s latest developments (OPI Gel etc.) and will know exactly what is ‘in’ and what is not, so take advantage of their professional knowledge and simply ask their advice!

The dont’s

Choose extra-long acrylic nails

Think ahead to the activities you’ll be involved in on your break – it’s likely you’ll be doing things that aren’t part of your normal routine and, depending on what they are, it may well be that, as glamorous as long nails look, they may not be the most practical option! This is especially true if you don’t normally sport long nails – the holidays may not be the best time to ‘try them out’!

Limit your colour options

People often ‘play safe’ and stick with what they know – it’s your holidays so don’t be afraid to experiment a little! You may be going to different places and seeing different people – so why not try a different colour and look? There are a myriad of OPI gel colour options available – be brave!

Whether it’s about the best colour to get, or advice on the latest designs, then your nail technician is the perfect person to consult – they deal with these issues every day and will have all the latest information.

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