The psychological benefits of massage

A growing number of people are turning to holistic therapies as part of a better lifestyle regime, and one of the more established, and traditional, therapies is massage. There are a number of different styles of massage available to us these days, from traditional Swedish full body massage and sports massage, through to the more ethereal and, ever increasing in popularity, massage technique of Reiki and other such styles.

People have long since regarded massage as delivering purely physical benefits, but it has been proven that it can also provide a great psychological boost. Whichever technique you choose, there are benefits common to all styles – here are some of the main beneficial aspects to be gained from massage:

Anxiety reduction

I’m sure we are all aware how psychological, or emotional, problems can have adverse effects on us physically – raised blood pressure, increased heart rate and other, potentially harmful conditions. Massage therapy can help ease, and even reverse, these physical traits and reduce our overall anxiety.

Increased relaxation

Many people’s experience of massage will have been as a luxury, or ‘treat’ – very often undertaken on holiday, or other ‘special’ circumstances. They will have experienced the calm, soothing and relaxing environment created by massage professionals – lovely aromatic fragrances, soft music and subtle lighting from candles. These prepared environments, along with the massage itself, loosening tight muscles and the overall sensation of being ‘pampered’, all contribute to a very relaxing experience thus promoting greater wellbeing.

Mood enhancement

Medical reports tell us that depression and stress are an increasing part of a modern lifestyle – massage can help relieve these feelings and moods. The physical manipulation delivered through massage helps to release the natural chemical serotonin, along with those ‘feel good’ endorphins, into our bloodstream, thus naturally easing feelings of depression and even physical pain. This can be especially beneficial for those suffering with chronic pain conditions.

Energy and vitality boost

Not all massage is designed for sheer relaxation – sports massages can be delivered to stimulate and energise people – often athletes and sportsmen will undergo a pre-event massage to promote a positive self-image and attitude before taking to their particular sporting arena. These massages can prepare the recipient both physically and mentally for the event.

Whether you opt for a relaxing full body massage, or a stimulating back massage, it can be a great, positive experience – so if you’re seeking a purely ‘luxurious’ treat, or have a specific physical, or psychological, issue you may want attending, then massage therapy can be a positive help to you.

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