Professional mani-pedis near Kings Cross

We’re all thoroughly enjoying the hot weather, and whilst we hope it lasts until the end of summer, living and working in a city as busy as London can certainly take its toll in the heat.

Amongst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, find time to treat yourself to a professional mani pedi in the heart of the city. After all, what’s better than some well-deserved R&R to help you cool off and relax?

We’re in a great location with cheap manicure treatments close to Kings Cross, pop in on the way home from work, before your commute to the shops, or just on your lunch break.

A manicure is the ultimate pamper

Having either a manicure or pedicure is a real treat, but combining them is even better. Having your hands and feet attended to is the ultimate pamper, and there really is no better feeling after a long day in the office than to sit back and relax whilst our professional beauticians help you feel your best.

A professional mani pedi should include a relaxing massage

Not only do you get beautifully painted nails with a mani pedi, you also get to enjoy a relaxing massage. There are many reasons as to why a hand and foot massage can help you feel your best in mind and body.

First off, it helps you de-stress. We all know working in the capital can be stressful at times, so indulging in a mani pedi is the perfect antidote. It also helps increase blood circulation, which is vital for your hands and feet to function properly (and helps stop them from getting cold, too!).

At Bibas you can pick your style

At Biba’s you can choose whatever style mani pedi you wish. If you prefer a cheap manicure, we can give you a simple Re-Varnish, Express Manicure or Standard Manicure; firm favourites with many of our clients who are often short on time.

If you want a true pampering, the Deluxe Manicure or French Manicure gives you beautifully soft, supple hands using conditioning treatments.

For your pedicure, choose between a Standard, Deluxe, or Super Deluxe Pedicure to give your feet a real treat. Choose your preferred nail colour, then enjoy the relaxing foot massage.

Bibas Hair & Beauty

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