Look your best with professional hair straightening in Kings Cross

It’s the beginning of 2019 – so it’s time to shed your old ways and habits and embrace the new you! If you’re looking to shake up your look, consider taming your tresses with professional hair straightening.

At Bibas Hair & Beauty, we have a team of experienced experts who can style your hair for a special event, or provide our full long-term hair straightening service, which leaves you with sleek, enviable hair for months. Either way, professional straightening offers you the perfect kickstart to your new year!

Hit the snooze button

You might have woken up early each morning last year to struggle with straightening your own hair, but 2019 is not the time to continue!

With conventional home straighteners, you have to wait for the appliance to heat up, and then section off your hair and ensure that each strand is fully straightened. With only a mirror to guide you and no eyes in the back of your head, there’s always the chance that some sections aren’t as straight as others.

This year, opt for professional straightening at our hair salon, and you can sleep in a little later before work while still turning up at the office with perfectly sleek hair!

Protect your hair

You put your hair through a number of everyday stresses – brushing, climate effects, and styling all take their toll on your locks. Most hair stylists regularly see clients with significant heat damage from using home appliances too often.

With professional hair straightening, you can avoid this long-term damage and still achieve smooth, straight hair. Your expert hairdresser can ensure that the correct temperature and protective products are used for temporary straightening.

If you are looking for something more enduring, our long-lasting professional straightening system can bypass the stress and strain of heat styling altogether and offer you permanent results for months!

The professional touch

Whether you have a special event coming up or you’re marking a milestone birthday, now is the time to enlist the expertise of a professional to make sure your hair looks as good as you feel!

If you want to emulate the sleek style of Jennifer Anniston or the smooth locks of Mila Kunis, our hairdressers can help you bring the vision to life. Rather than settling for mediocre results at home, treat yourself to professional hair straightening at Bibas Hair & Beauty for unbeatable results.

Bibas Hair & Beauty

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