Opi gel colours provide a flawless colour

We all love to spoil ourselves now and again with a bit of pampering – it makes us look, and feel, better within ourselves. One of the most popular treatments to make us feel this way is to get our nails done – sitting having your nails professionally treated can feel very luxurious! There are a number of different options available for nail treatments so, how do we choose? Why not consider an alternative to having false, acrylic nails applied, and look to have your own nails restored to full glory!

Here are some reasons why you should consider OPI Gel Colour:

What is OPI Gel Colour

Similar to Shellac, OPI Gel Colour is a long lasting lacquer that will protect the nail and provide flawless colour and shine for two to three weeks. There is an extensive range of colour options to choose from. It is odourless and enriched with active ingredients which produce a high-gloss shine.

How are OPI Gel Colours applied?

OPI Gel polish is applied similarly to nail polish. Your nails will be prepared, shaped and cleaned, before each layer is set up, and sealed, using a UV lamp. Once applied, the lacquer is dry and you are ready to go! The whole process should take around thirty minutes to complete.

OPI Gel polish is harder wearing and, therefore, lasts much longer than an ordinary nail polish. Another advantage to OPI Gel Colours is that it causes no damage to your nails – indeed, whilst it is not a nail ‘strengthener’ in its own right, it will provide strong support for weak or problematic nails.

OPI Gel manicure and pedicures

At our beauty salon in Kings Cross you can choose to have a full manicure – or pedicure – using OPI Gel Colours. The manicure will see your nails cut and filed, then gently soaked in warm water with Aveda cuticle control, any dead skin trimmed, the cuticles pushed back and a hand massage. This treatment is finished with your nails varnished with the OPI Gel Colour.

The pedicure sees your feet pampered and prepared in the same manner, along with treatment of any hard skin on your soles and heels, and then finished off with moisturising gel, before application of the OPI Gel polish.

When you visit our beauty salon in Kings Cross, whether you decide to have a manicure or pedicure – or really spoil yourself and have the full package – your hands and feet will feel – and look – younger and refreshed!

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