The on trend beauty treatments in 2019

The palette of available beauty treatments is forever changing and increasing – different trends emerge on a regular basis across the industry.

Every year brings new treatments to the fore – here are some of the hottest trends for treatments in 2019:

Wellbeing or holistic therapies

The fastest growing sector of the beauty industry is that connected to more holistic therapies. Away from the established beauty therapies, more and more people are embracing the wellbeing aspects of their lives by enjoying beneficial massages on a regular basis.

Established treatments like Swedish Massage continue to be popular, but people are also turning to more diverse practices such as Indian Head Massage. Indeed, there are a growing number of employers recognising the benefits of a contented and less-stressed workforce, and who organise regular massages and such in the workplace.

Facial skincare

Women have been taking the time, effort and expense to look after their skin for years – but the growing trend of men now following the same path makes this a very busy sector of the beauty market place. Skin rejuvenation is the main aim for people, with microdermabrasion becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to the more established treatments such as chemical peels or dermal fillers.

Eye Brow Treatments

Another growing trend, and has been growing steadily for a while now, is eye treatments. The desire for highly defined brows means people are regularly attending salons for brow waxing, threading and tinting treatments as part of their brow grooming routine.

Lash Extensions

Lash extensions have been popular treatments for many years but, as with most beauty treatments, there have been improvements and diversity in their application. Russian Volume Lashes are becoming more popular, with the multi-lash layering technique offering a full, high impact, glamourous look.

Gel nail polish

Whilst there are still many advocates of traditional manicures and nail extensions, there is a massive movement towards the application of gel polish treatments as an alternative. The ease of application, and the speed of drying, for gel polish treatments makes them more accessible for people on their lunch-break, or generally short of time – but the big benefit is the perfect shine finish and the added protection for the nails that gel polishes provide.

The latest range of OPI Gel polishes are becoming increasingly popular as the preferred nail treatment.

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