Men’s hair removal treatments at Bibas

Getting rid of body hair is a significant part of grooming. Since shaving causes cuts and skin irritation, you may want to consider other hair removal techniques. In this article, Bibas Hair & Beauty Salon discusses the best solutions for men’s hair removal in London.

Laser hair removal treatments

This treatment uses laser light to kill the hair root. However, it doesn’t kill the follicle. The hair will regrow after some time. On average, this treatment takes about 30 minutes. To enjoy the full benefits of this procedure, you may need eight sessions. It’s ideal for reducing or removing hair on the pubic area, stomach, chest, back, and shoulders.

Men’s waxing

Gone are the days when spas used honey-based waxes for waxing. These days people prefer soy waxes because they adhere only to the hair, leaving the skin undisturbed. The process of waxing entails layering strips of special cloth over soy wax. The cloth pieces are left to dry for a few minutes before they’re pulled off to remove unwanted hair.

Male waxing usually takes 10 to 60 minutes, depending on the area of treatment. Many men use this hair removal technique on their legs, necks, arms, ears, and underarms.

Electrolysis hair removal

During this treatment, an ultra-slim needle is inserted into individual hair shafts. The needle delivers tiny electric shocks to the hair follicle to kill the cells responsible for making hair. Most electrolysis sessions last about 20 minutes. This treatment works well in all areas of the body, but it’s time-consuming. Therefore, it would be a good idea to perform it on small areas such as the neck and brows –before proceeding to larger areas.

Cream hair removers

These products contain depilatories – chemical compounds that help with hair removal. They take anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour to dissolve and remove unwanted hair. Many men have reported that the results of this treatment last for several weeks.

Because of their chemical composition, it’s not advisable to use these creams on sensitive, genital skin. Nonetheless, they’re great hair removal solutions for areas with slightly tougher skin.

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