Stop by for a massage by a professional massesuse in Kings Cross

If you live or work in London, you’ll know what a bustling lively place it is. London never stops, but your body needs to! Finding a good way to relax can be almost impossible, but a massage, expertly given by a professional, experienced masseuse in Kings Cross, is an excellent way to combat the stress of living and working in a big city like London.

Experience the benefits of a professional massage

Massage is the pressing, rubbing and manipulating of the skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments. It has been found to be beneficial in stress relief, reducing anxiety, recovering from injuries, reducing headaches and relieving joint pain. It also improves circulation and can help in cases of insomnia. A regular massage can help to keep you healthy in body and mind.

Choose the message that’s right for you

Choose from a range of relaxing and beneficial massages. An aromaology massage includes the use of aromatherapy massage oils and massage of the feet, legs, back, arms, hands and scalp. A full body massage combined with the added relaxing properties of aromatherapy oils will leave you feeling like a new person.

If your schedule is packed, but you need a more intense massage in a specific area, for example back, neck and shoulders, try our half hour massage; all the benefits of a professional massage concentrated in the area you need it most. Our stress relief massage concentrates on the back, neck, back of the head and shoulders, targeting the areas where your muscles tend to tense and relieving physical symptoms of stress.

If you spend lots of time sitting or standing, you’ll be feeling achy by the end of the day. Why not try a back massage to work out those kinks, ready for an evening out or simply feeling relaxed as you go home. Headaches are very common in city workers; noise, lights, traffic fumes and other stresses all contribute. A head massage will counteract these problems, freeing you from your headache so you’re ready to get on with your day.

We’ll be happy to recommend the right massage for you, so please contact us to discuss your needs.

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