Why Lycon wax is the best for our clients

We all love to be pampered and made to feel special – and one of the many ways we spoil ourselves is a trip to a beauty salon for various treatments, including a body wax. Once strictly the domain of the ladies, nowadays both men and women avail themselves of this treatment. Whilst there are a number of waxing products and treatments available, one particular wax has an international reputation for being a bit special – Lycon Wax.

Here are some of the benefits of this sought after treatment:

About Lycon wax

This wax brand was established in 1978 in Australia, and has since built a reputation as THE top wax brand around the world. It is specially formulated using bees wax, aromatherapy ingredients and the finest natural resins – this combination delivers superior results and gently removes even the most stubborn, shortest hairs!

This may sound like quite a ‘harsh’ process, but that is not so – these waxes are pliable and gentle and, therefore, provide nurturing skin conditioning for all skin types, as well as the most effective hair removal. Whether applied as a hot wax treatment, or strip wax, you will be left with the best, professionally manicured look you could wish for!

Waxing at Bibas Hair & Beauty

If you are looking for a Lycon wax in London, then Bibas in Bloomsbury, is the place to go. They use a combination of hot wax and strip wax – whichever is the most effective for the different body parts to be treated. Men’s and Women’s waxing is catered for – including both Brazilian and Hollywood waxes, for both sexes.

A therapist can use a variety of Lycon waxes and oils which allows for the correct selection for a customer’s specific skin and hair type. For larger areas of the body then a Lycon strip wax is used. For smaller, more targeted, areas though, a hot wax is the best procedure – the wax literally ‘shrink wraps’ around the hair without adhering to the skin at any point – this then pulls the hair from the root follicle when the wax is removed. This prevents hair breakage and avoids any bruising or painful ‘sting’ sensation that you often experience with alternative types of wax. This gentle process can remove hair as short as 1mm.

This wax treatment can form an important part of your regular beauty regime and keep you looking – and feeling – as glamourous as you wish!

Bibas Hair & Beauty

Mark & Sue Pittman established Bibas Hair & Beauty as their own in 1992. Together they have built a Central London salon which provides both Londoners and visitors from around the world with expert salon services including great haircuts, colours and beauty treatments.

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