What to look for in a leading nail technician

A lot of people spend time, care and money on different aspects of their appearance – especially their hair! In recent times though, the same care and attention has been directed in other aspects, such as our nails. It’s important to look after our hands and nails, but finding the time in a busy lifestyle is not always easy – you can, however, fit in a manicure perhaps, over your lunch hour one day.

Whether you’re after a quick manicure, or a longer pampering session for, maybe, a long-lasting shellac manicure, there are certain things customers want from their treatment experience.

Research shows that there are a few of the qualities that people look for when choosing a nail technician:

Pleasing personality

Whilst you may not immediately think of this as being particularly important, it takes time to complete the manicure process and, for lots of people, it’s as much a social activity as it is a beauty treatment. It helps if a nail technician has an engaging personality, as well, obviously, as the requisite skills in nail care – it’s something customers look for!

A passion for their job

Delivering a personal service is just that – personal, so people like to be treated by someone who takes pride in their work and has a genuine passion for the outcome of the work they are doing.

Price & value

People are always looking for a good price for their treatment, but, generally speaking, quality of the work is as important as the price. Price is only relevant if it is value for money – people will pay a little bit extra if they know they are going to get a quality finish in the end. So a nail technician that consistently delivers a quality job, with well-designed nails will always be in demand.

Product knowledge

People like to be made aware of what is new to the beauty market place – what the latest trends are. They look to the ‘expert’ to be able to inform them of these products, and how they can access and take advantage of them.

Flexibility of hours

Not everyone is available to get these treatments during what might be regarded as ‘core hours’ – so being able to access a nail technician at other times is regarded as a big advantage.

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