How often should you trim your hair

Many of us spend a lot of time – and sometimes money – on our hair and getting the style and appearance we want. It can though, be difficult to know exactly how often we should be getting it cut to maintain its’ look and, more importantly, its’ long-term health.

Different types of hair will require different treatment – not all hair grows at the same rate, length or thickness, but there are general principles that act as a guideline to keeping our hair as we would like.

Here are some tips to follow, whatever your hair type, or style, may be:

Cutting your hair does not make it grow faster

Cutting your hair makes it grow more quickly! Actually, this is a common misconception – your hair will grow at its’ normal rate, no matter how often you trim or cut it. Whilst trimming your hair has no effect on the speed of growth, it does, however, benefit the hair by preventing any additional breakage, therefore keeping it healthier and more manageable.

With short hair you want to maintain your desired length

If you wear your hair short, then the number of times you trim your hair will, obviously, depend upon the actual length you want to maintain. If you want to keep the length in which you currently have it styled, then getting your hair trimmed every four to six weeks is probably the best recommendation.

If you wear your hair short, then any growth in length is visibly more obvious, so regular cutting is advisable. If you want to change your short hair style to a longer fashion then you can let it grow for a number of months, and just trim the ends occasionally to maintain the thickness and healthy appearance.

For medium and longer hair regular maintenance is vital

If your hair style is medium length or longer, regular maintenance is vital – the longer your hair is, the more fragile it will be. Long hair needs to be shampooed and conditioned frequently – although no more than daily – and should be professionally trimmed every six or seven weeks to maintain its’ length, appearance and health. This regular trim should help minimise any damage.

Coloured hair is more fragile and needs regular care

As we’re all aware, if you have you hair coloured, or treated chemically in any way, then a greater care regime is required. Chemically treated hair will be far more fragile than untreated hair – dyes and colours are corrosive by nature and will, therefore, weaken the hair. Coloured hair will need regular care at home along with a regular, professional cut.

If you want to grow your hair colour out, then you should get your hair cut every eight weeks or so – you should also be aware that this will, almost inevitably, result in your hair being considerably shorter than the style and length with which you initially coloured your hair! If you want to maintain your hair colour, a simple trim every three or four weeks will suffice.

This is a general guide for trimming your hair – it is always advisable to speak to a professional at your salon to get personal advice on the best maintenance for your hairstyle.

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