Hot waxing treatments in Kings Cross

Personal grooming is an important part of many people’s health and beauty regime with people availing themselves of a wide range of different treatments and services. Whereas, once upon a time, a visit to a hair stylist was considered the ultimate high street beauty treatment, these days people attend beauty salons for more diverse attention – and body waxing treatments are high on that list!

There are many beauty salons offering a range of wax treatments, but if you’re looking for hot waxing in King’s Cross or nearby, then there is really only one choice – Bibas Hair and Beauty in Bloomsbury!

Here are some of the professional body waxing treatments and services available to you there:

Brazilian waxing

A well-established practice and favoured choice for many women over the last few years, Brazilian waxing is the removal of hair from the pubic area and underneath. Hot wax is applied and is then gently and efficiently removed resulting in a clean, fresh, nude look, leaving just a thin strip of hair strategically in place – more commonly referred to a ‘landing strip’.

Hollywood waxing

As with a Brazilian wax, Hollywood waxing is a treatment for the removal of hair from the pubic area and ‘nether regions’ – the process is the same, but results in the complete removal of all hair from the area.

Male body waxing

A growing trend in personal grooming is male body waxing – and the Hollywood treatment is the most requested. A men’s Hollywood wax will remove all hair from the pubic region including the lower abdomen, underneath and around the back – colloquially referred to as a “back, sack and crack” treatment! Full body waxing treatments are also available for men.

Body waxing treatments

For all intimate waxing, Bibas only use the very best wax available – Lycon Hot Wax – this is a wax created especially for the removal of very short hair from the body, making it ideal for waxing, not just the intimate areas, but any area of the body including the face. Lycon wax is also used for larger areas of the body, but as a strip wax treatment.

A little history of waxing

A Brazilian is so-called because, on the famous Copacabana beach, and other beach resorts in Brazil, the very small and narrow cut ‘thong-style’ bikini bottoms are the most worn – if a lady doesn’t want any hair showing whilst on the beach, then a comprehensive wax is necessary to match the shape of the bikini!

The practice of pubic hair removal actually dates back centuries to the middle-east, when hair was removed for hygiene purposes but, as a fashion trend, it became popularised in 1987 when the J Sisters, seven Brazilian sisters, opened up a beauty salon in Manhattan and offered the waxing treatment that the women back in Brazil were practising. As with most fashion or beauty trends, the salon attained celebrity clients which led to the widespread practice – and terminology – of the Brazilian!

Bibas Hair & Beauty

Mark & Sue Pittman established Bibas Hair & Beauty as their own in 1992. Together they have built a Central London salon which provides both Londoners and visitors from around the world with expert salon services including great haircuts, colours and beauty treatments.

You can view our range of hairdressing and beauty treatments on our new website. For more information please contact us or request an appointment online.