Introducing lighter colours to your hair can be a big committment as certain technques can require a lot of upkeep. A balayage is the perfect happy medium between your current style and a lighter version that looks fabulous but requires little mainenance.

A ladies balayage is very much on trend with many famous celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and the Kardashians using this style. A balayage is a low maintenance, ‘lived in’ look where the body and ends of your hair are lightened in colour, while a showed shade is maintained at the roots.

Will Balayage Suit You?

How are balayage highlights applied?

A ladies balayage can be styled to suit anyone, regardless of your current hair length or colour. The technique will had different dimensions to your hair and look very flattering, whilst also being super low maintainence.

In order to keep your colour looking great we recommend booking in with us for a toner every couple of months.

With a balayage the colour is hand painted into your hair. It’s applied lightly close to the root and is developed into a bolder highlight towards the end of your hair. A toner can also be added to your hair to acheive the perfect shade you want.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to speak to our stylists who would be delighted to discuss your options.