A quick guide to achieving great beach hair this summer

Beach holidays – many of us save for months to pay for our trips to the sun and we want to enjoy them as much as we can! For some, though, our hair can present an array of problems and issues for us – the exposure to the sun, the numerous dips in and out of pools and sea water, the coastal winds and the styling regime for our nights in the bars and restaurants, can leave our hair looking like we’re related to a scarecrow!

Here are a few tips to help keep your hair looking healthy and stylish on your beach holiday:

  • Make sure your hair is as healthy as possible before you go
  • Use  hair mask to help you hair recover after a day in the sun
  • Quality hair brushes will minimise hair damage and breakage
  • Choose and prepare for the occasions when you’ll fully submerge your hair in water
  • A hat or scarf offers easy and practical protection
  • Plating your hair gives greater control against wind and water

Have healthy hair before you go

On holiday your hair is going to take a bit of a punishment in many ways – so the healthier your hair is BEFORE you go away, the better it will fare! You probably get your hair cut, depending on the style, every couple of months or so, and generally treat your hair with the relevant products to maintain its’ health and look, so keeping your hair healthy this way will be a big advantage when you actually reach your beach destination.

Use a hair mask to help your hair recover

One of the likely effects of a day at the beach is your hair feeling a little dry. Organic, virgin coconut oil makes a great after sun hair mask – at the end of a hard day slaving on the beach, coat your hair with it and simply wrap it in a towel. Sit back and relax, let it perform its moisturising magic, then wash it out thoroughly and enjoy the healthy, silky smooth feel. The coconut oil not only repairs your hair, but will also act as a further protection for your hair the next day out in the sun and sea, minimising any further damage.

Use quality brushes to minimise hair damage

We all know that good quality hair brushes can be expensive – but they are so worth the cost in the long run! Sun damaged hair is far more brittle than normal, and you need a brush that will be effective in detangling your hair, but gentle enough with it to minimise any breakage. There is always a temptation to take ‘cheaper’ accessories with us on holiday, and leave the good stuff at home – but it is always worth packing your best brush!

Choose when to wet your hair

This may sound ridiculous – of course you’re going to wet your hair – and frequently, with dips in and out of the pool plus the punishing salt water forays into the sea!

It’s worth remembering though, that the water is taking its toll on your hair with every dip – so try and choose the occasions you feel the need to submerge your head completely. One tip is to wet your hair with fresh water before entering the salty sea or a chlorinated swimming pool – this will let your follicles soak up the fresh water first and help protect your hair.

Hats and scarfs offer practical protection

There is a very effective – and very easy – way to help protect your hair in the sun – hats or scarves! A cute holiday hat, or classy scarf, can be great accessories to your swimwear and enhance your look as you stroll around your hotel and on the beach, as well as offering practical protection for your head. Adorning your head this way will also offer your hair some wind protection and minimise any tangling in the sea breeze.

Plaiting offers greater control against wind and water

If your hair length allows, then plaiting it before you go out will offer greater control against wind and water, and make it easier to wash and prepare before your evening out. Beware, however, of opting for holiday favourites such as braiding, as exposing your normally protected scalp to the holiday sun can bring about painful and damaging results!

Taking sensible precautions with your hair will allow you to look your best on holiday and, at the same time, protect your hair against the somewhat unusual elements for us!