Top tips for getting the perfect tan on a sunbed

Sunbed tanning is a safe and effective way to get your skin looking golden brown and to boost your Vitamin D levels. Indoor tanning is becoming increasingly popular, especially as the summer sun gives way to a gloomy winter. But many worry about getting the tan they want from a sunbed at a tanning shop, so here are some top tips to help you get a good, even tan that lasts!

1. Exfoliate before you tan

Exfoliation should always be your first port of call prior to a tanning session. It removes dead cells from the surface of the skin, ensuring it is clean and ready to tan. And when the outer layer of skin is exfoliated, the light penetrates easier to activate the production of melanin. There are many scrubs and other products available to exfoliate properly, and it will also help keep your skin feeling fresh and soft.

2. Keep skin hydrated and moisturised

Hydrating and moisturising your skin can help improve results with tanning and make it last longer. Dry skin tends to reflect UV rays, meaning tanning takes longer and has a shorter lifespan. Drink plenty of water before and after a tanning session and apply moisturiser when you are getting into the sunbed. This will help add moisture to your skin and keep it in good condition.

3. Apply sunbed cream or a tanning accelerator

Sunbed creams play the dual role of keeping your skin moisturised and accelerating the production of melanin, resulting in a darker tan. There are many sunbed creams, ranging from coolers and moisturisers to bronzers and tingle creams. Every one of these products is specially formulated to help achieve a darker tan in a shorter time. Be sure to use products suitable for your type of skin, and ensure they are appropriate for sunbed use.

4. Remove cosmetic products like makeup

Cosmetic products block the skin’s pours, which decreases UV penetration. Furthermore, many people have reported seeing white spots appear on their skin after tanning with makeup on. And some cosmetics may even contain ingredients that react to UV light. This can lead to unwanted side effects, and can be avoided by showering and using wipes to remove makeup, perfume and other cosmetics prior to tanning.

Indoor tanning is a convenient and effective way to tan, and if you follow these tips you can achieve great results. If you’re looking for a sunbed in Russell Square, look no further than Bibas Hair and Beauty. We can help you make the most of your solarium session with no risks to get the perfect tan all year round.

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