Why eyelash extensions – are they worth it?

In the past, anyone wanting longer, fuller eyelashes had to either apply mascara, use false lashes or wait for a growth serum to take effect.

Today, you have the option to go for the popular treatment of eyelash extensions.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll feel right away:

You’ll cut your make up routine in half

You could knock several precious minutes off your going-out (or even going-to-work) routine, because you won’t need to curl your lashes or apply mascara. In fact, you may well feel able to skip eye makeup completely. Clearly the same goes for making life easier when it comes to taking off your makeup at the end of the day, too. So eyelash extensions are ideal if you prefer a low-maintenance approach to beauty.

And, of course, not only is eye make-up time-consuming, it can get clumpy or smudge, making it even more of an annoyance.

Reduce fine wrinkles

You may notice fewer wrinkles and fine lines around your eyes because you’re not repeatedly taking off stubborn eye makeup or pulling at the delicate skin around your eyes.

Last longer than false lashes

The trouble with false eyelashes is that you have to keep taking them on and off, and, like make-up, it can be a time-consuming, fiddly business. On average, eyelash extensions will last for around a month, so they’re the much easier option.

An instant confidence boost

Eyelash extensions are a natural confidence booster. And because they’re permanently in place, you can feel great leaving the house free from make-up, or if someone you weren’t expecting happens to rock up on the doorstep. So you can afford to be more spontaneous.

A naturally luscious look

With eyelash extensions, you get a look that’s 100% natural, and which looks gorgeous and actually quite dramatic – you’ll have lusciously long lashes that really do look real. That’s because each individual eyelash is enhanced by its own dark, thick extension. Your eyes can also look bigger or wider as a result, so these extensions are highly flattering.

With so many benefits, once you’ve tried eyelash extensions, you’ll never look back.

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