Top tips on how to avoid hair loss

It can be a concern for many of us how much hair appears to be present on your brush, or comb, when washing or preparing our hair at home. Hair loss can be caused for a number of reasons, from diet to the plain ageing process, but there are a number of things we can […]

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Top tips for controlling your frizzy hair

Many of us spend a considerable amount of time – and money – on looking after our hair, with trips to the hair salon and many hours of home care lavished on our hairstyles. In between visits to the hairdresser, one of the most common issues, or problems, people have with their hair is frizz […]

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Your guide to waxing for Summer 2019

Summer’s here – for many of us that means holidays in the sun and the daunting prospect of putting on the bikini or swimsuit – and looking good in it! One of the aspects that always need to be considered is the removal of any unsightly body hair – whilst many are happy to take […]

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Simple ways to transform your hair style

When the better weather comes along, people often consider a change in their look to match the new season. You may want to simply update your current look and style, or may want to try a dramatic, completely new appearance. Either way, it takes careful consideration before committing your precious locks to a new style. […]

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Top tips for reviving coloured hair

A trip to a hair colour salon is always something to look forward to. It is, however, rarely a cheap experience, so it’s important that, once you’ve had that perfect colour applied to your hair, you make it last as long as possible! Dark dyes especially, are prone to fading, so here are some tips […]

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6 tips to keep beautiful and healthy hair

Everybody would like their hair to constantly look as perfect as when you step out of your regular hair salon, having just had it professionally styled. Often, however, when washing and styling your hair at home, the end product doesn’t come out quite the same! Incorrect hair care at home can result in damage to […]

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