In order to give you the best results, we use a combination of hot wax and strip wax, depending on the areas treated. Our male body waxing solutions include Hollywood waxing for both men and women. Speak to us about our men’s intimate waxing – back, sack & crack waxing.

Hollywood waxing of the pubic area is a speciality of the house. Both will completely remove hair from the’ undercarriage. A mens Hollywood wax removes all pubic hair from the lower abdomen, scrotum, penis shaft & inner buttocks.

Intimate Waxing Treatments For Men

Guys, whatever part of your body you want hair removed from, we will do it. This leaves a smoother and longer lasting result than other methods of hair removal.

Our waxing is carried out by our excellently, highly trained therapists. Lycon Manifico hot wax is used for pubic hair removal & underarms and Lycon strip wax for larger areas of the body. We recommend that you book a consultation before your first intimate wax so we can educate you on how to look after your skin once waxed.


If you are having your first Hollywood wax then please inform us so that we can add on an extra 15 minutes for consultation and most importantly, after care advice. Our therapists will understand that when having your first intimate wax that you will be nervous, so will aim to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

When having a Hollywood wax you will have to leave your modesty at the door. A Hollywood wax takes from 45-60 minutes depending on hair density and doesn’t include any other parts of the body. Clients are asked to arrive having recently showered. We provide a shower for anyone coming directly from work, but ask that you arrive 15 mins before your appointment to wash.

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