Men’s Grooming, Face, Waxing, Nails

Our men’s beauty treatments include facial treatments, body exfoliating & conditioning treatments, full body waxing including male intimate waxing, manicures and pedicures, eyelash tinting & eyebrow shaping/tidying. We offer complete male beautician service.

Our beauty salon is located in Bloomsbury close to Kings Cross and Russell Square stations.

Bibas Customised Facial with AVEDA

With this facial treatment option you get a skin consultation and then we cleanse your skin, exfoliate with steam, perform extractions if required, give you a face massage, apply a masque and moisturise your skin.

Bibas “Body Dazzler” Body Treatment for Men

This body treatment gives you a customised body treatment to remove dead skin cells, increase your blood circulation and improve waste removal from the skin. Your skin is detoxified and conditioned to improve the overall appearance of the skin.

This treatment provides you with a full body exfoliation and steam and a customised body masque. You’ll be wrapped in a warm blanket whilst the masque is left on. During this time, we’ll cleanse and exfoliate your face and massage your scalp with oils.

To finish, your skin is moisturised after the masque is removed.

If you indulge in body waxing then this treatment is great for before waxing or to come back and have 7-10 days after.

Bibas Essential Back Treatment

For the hard to reach areas at the back, this treatment is the solution. By removing dead skin cells and surface impurities, and replenishing lost moisture, it improves the overall appearance of your skin.

We’ll thoroughly cleanse, exfoliate and steam your skin, and perform extractions if required. This is then followed by a relaxing massage. We’ll then apply a customised masque before finishing off the treatment with a moisturiser.


Get your nails cut and filed; soaked in warm water with Aveda cuticle control, cuticles pushed back, dead skin trimmed, hand massaged and nails buffed to give a healthy shine. You can also have a clear natural varnish if you prefer. Our manicures for men leave your hands feeling younger.


Get your feet soaked in warm water with Aveda cuticle control, toe nails cut and filed with our pedicures for men package. Cuticles will be pushed back and dead skin around the nail will be trimmed. You also get hard skin on the soles and heels filed and then finished off with moisturising and a foot massage.And for an additional £6.00, you can also have a paraffin wax skin conditioning treatment.


Guys, whatever part of your body you want hair removed from, we will do it. This leaves a smoother and longer lasting result than other methods of hair removal.

Full body including Mens Intimate Waxing, Brazilian & Hollywood, is carried out by our excellently, highly trained therapists. Lycon Manifico hot wax is used for pubic hair removal & underarms and Lycon strip wax for larger areas of the body. We recommend that you book a consultation before your first intimate wax so we can educate you on how to look after your skin once waxed.

Waxing Guidelines for Men
Bibas therapists now wax any part of the male body. Using Lycon “Manifico”  hot wax   on underarms and for pubic hair removal on the lower abdomen, scrotums and inner buttocks (Mens Hollywood/ Brazilian) .  Lycon strip wax is used for hair removal of all other areas. Lycon wax is from Australia and has been around since 1978. As in Australia, mens waxing will become as common as female waxing over the next couple of years.

If you are having your first Hollywood wax then please inform us so that we can add on an extra 15 minutes for consultation and  most importantly, after care advice. Our therapists will understand that when having your first intimate wax that you will be nervous, so will aim to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

When having a Hollywood wax you will have to leave your modesty at the door as you will need to be naked. A “Hollywood” wax  takes from 45-60 minutes depending on hair density and doesn’t include any other parts of the body. DO NOT cut hair down or shave beforehand. You will need at least 3 weeks growth for the hair to be long enough for waxing.  If you want your back or underarms or legs done as well then please let us know.

Clients are asked to arrive having recently showered. We provide a shower for anyone coming directly from work, but ask that you arrive 15 mins before your appointment to wash.

Our female therapists  are professionals and you will have your treatment in a private room. Customers be advised that no inappropriate behaviour will be tolerated.

You will think the smooth finish fantastic, and so will your partner, but you do need to look after the waxed areas.

Aveda Smoothing body polish is an excellent organic exfoliant, Lycon Spa ingrown-X-it is the best product to use for ingrown hairs and to finish, the Bio Depiless biological Hair growth inhibitor, that at the same time is an intensive skin  moisturiser. Avedas Replenishing Body Moisturiser or Aveda Rosemary Mint Body Lotion are also recommended.

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