Massage is the pressing, rubbing and manipulating of the skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments. It has been found to be beneficial in stress relief, reducing anxiety, recovering from injuries, reducing headaches and relieving joint pain. It also improves circulation and can help in cases of insomnia. A regular massage can help to keep you healthy in body and mind.

Come and get pampered with the best London massage available and discover your inner stress free self.

Full Body Massage

Using Aveda’s customised compositions; you get a full body massage plus the pleasures of the full body and aromaology massage.

Half Hour Massage

If your schedule is packed, but you need a more intense massage in a specific area, for example back, neck and shoulders, try our half hour massage; all the benefits of a professional massage concentrated in the area you need it most. Our stress relief massage concentrates on the back, neck, back of the head and shoulders, targeting the areas where your muscles tend to tense and relieving physical symptoms of stress.

Anxiety reduction

We are all aware how psychological, or emotional, problems can have adverse effects on us physically – raised blood pressure, increased heart rate and other, potentially harmful conditions. Massage therapy can help ease, and even reverse, these physical traits and reduce our overall anxiety.

Increased relaxation

Many people’s experience of massage will have been as a luxury, or ‘treat’ – very often undertaken on holiday, or other ‘special’ circumstances. They will have experienced the calm, soothing and relaxing environment created by massage professionals – lovely aromatic fragrances, soft music and subtle lighting from candles. These prepared environments, along with the massage itself, loosening tight muscles and the overall sensation of being ‘pampered’, all contribute to a very relaxing experience thus promoting greater wellbeing.

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