The French Manicure is a very popular nail style that over many years has had different names given to it. If you’ve ever heard the term French Nails, French Tips and Pink & White Nails then it’s high likely they were referring to a French Manicure.

It’s a timeless and classic style that is still as popular as ever having previously exploded into fashion during the 1970s. The reference to pink and white nails is due to the finished look being one with a pink base with white nail tips.

Why choose a French Manicure?

People who choose a French Manicure when they desire a natural look that looks more realistic than a manicure using artificial nails. The nail tips are usually done in gel form but can also be done in acrylic.

What sets the French Manicure apart from other nail styles is its versatility to look great with any clothing or fashion trend. Due to their natural look your nails will literally suit any item of clothing you own.

A French manicure is still a popular request at Bibas even though it seems many women tend to verge towards other nail styles. Our nail technicians embrace the look and our team would be delighted to discuss this an other nail styles with you.

Express yourself with style our range of manicure and pedicure treatments. Depending on the look you desire, we have a range of manicure and pedicure treatments so suit every occasion.

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