Eyelash Tinting & Shaping

Get your eyelashes and eyebrows professionally tinted and shaped at Bibas Hair & Beauty. We require a patch test 24 hours before the treatment.

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Eyelash Tinting

An eyebrow tint can only take minutes to apply and will instantly enhance your eyes. A lash tint will enable you to ignore the mascara and enjoy enhanced lashes.

Depending on your hair type it can take between 1-5 minutes to apply an eyebrow tint. Eyebrow tinting works for pretty much anyone unless you’re allergic to any ingredients so a patch test is compulsory before your first treatment.

It’s recommended you stay with 1 or 2 colour shade lighter than your current hair colour. Many people prefer not to use the exact colour but a colour tint that’s too different.

We’ll colour match your hair to ensure a natural look so regardless of your hair colour.

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