Bibas Detoxifying Body Treatment

This body treatment option gives you a customised body treatment to remove dead skin cells, increase you blood circulation and improve waste removal from the skin.  Your skin is detoxified and conditioned to improve the overall appearance of the skin.

This treatment provides you with a full body exfoliation and steam and a customised body masque.  You’ll be wrapped in a warm blanket whilst the masque is left on.  During this time, we’ll cleanse and exfoliate your face and massage your scalp with oils.

To finish, your skin is moisturised after the masque is removed.

Bibas Essential Back Treatment

For the hard to reach areas at the back, this treatment is the solution. By removing dead skin cells and surface impurities, and replenishing lost moisture, it improves the overall appearance of your skin.We’ll thoroughly cleanse, exfoliate and steam your skin your skin, and perform extractions if required.  This is then followed by a relaxing massage.  We’ll then apply a customised masque before finishing off the treatment with a moisturiser.

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