Why beauty treatments are not just for women

The days of beauty salons being the exclusive haven of women are fast receding. Nowadays, many males are taking advantage of a beauty salon for men and indulging in some relaxing and enjoyable treatments of their own.

Men are far more aware of the importance – and enjoyment – of looking and feeling good, and are taking advantage of a beautician’s professional skills and the treatments available in beauty salons.

Here are just some of the treatments you can indulge in at a beauty salon for men:


Once thought of a wholly female beauty treatment, many men are now visiting a beauty salon to experience a professional wax. Anything from chest hair or ‘intimate’ areas, right through to full-body waxing, a professional beautician can deliver a treatment that lasts longer – and is far more effective, pleasant and comfortable – and certainly less irritable – than any shaving can achieve.

Skin treatments

Again, an area where, traditionally, men have always thought the territory of women, male facial treatments are becoming more and more popular. If you’ve been particularly busy workwise, or socially – or indulging hard at both – then your skin can betray your fatigue. A facial treatment can completely rejuvenate and re-energise your tired and worn skin, leaving you looking fresher, younger and toned.


You’ll be amazed how often people, especially in work, notice your hands and therefore, your nails!

Bitten, or dirty, nails are deeply unattractive and suggest poor personal hygiene – not an impression you want to give either professionally or socially! If your nails are in poor condition, then this beauty treatment is, not so much a luxury, as an absolute necessity – and is a quick and simple treatment that make a considerable improvement. Oh – and by the way – it feels nice too!


Feet can be especially troublesome – and are often a feature men take less care of than their female counterparts! So, if you want your feet to look – and feel – attractive, groomed and fit to exhibit on a beach, or by a pool, rather than like a goat’s hooves, then consider a professional pedicure. Your feet will be exfoliated to remove any ugly, dead skin, then gently massaged – your nails will then be treated and polished to perfection to give you, not only great looking feet, but also a truly relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Book ahead

It is always advisable to research your beauty salon before deciding on a treatment – check social media comments from other clients and online rating applications for reviews. Note, it is always worth booking an appointment in advance to establish as to whether your selected beauty salon for men operates an ‘anytime’ policy, or specified days/hours for male beauty treatments.

Many men are now taking advantage of the beauty treatments available – so, if you haven’t already, why not join the growing band of men visiting a beautician, and experience the benefits – you’ll feel refreshed, rejuvenated and polished – and wonder why it has taken you so long to test it out!

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