Leading beauty services near St Pancras

Ladies, whether you’re after an underarm, Hollywood or leg wax, make an appointment at Bibas Hair and Beauty salon near St Pancras today. Ladies’ waxing is quite painless and leaves you hair-free for around four weeks. It’s time to put down the razor, do away with stubble and ingrowing hair and embrace the feeling of smooth, freshly waxed skin!

Many ladies have beauty treatments such as waxing for special occasions like holidays, weddings or when going out on a hot date. The first wax can cause a slight degree of discomfort, especially in those sensitive areas. Don’t worry too much though, hair salon beauticians near St Pancras always apply waxing treatments with care. Just think, once you’ve had your first treatment at Bibas, you can go without tights, slip into a sleeveless top, buy that swimsuit you’ve always wanted to wear or a bikini to show off your figure!

The most popular waxing treatments

When it comes to ladies’ waxing, one of the most popular treatments is a Hollywood wax. There are a number of different styles of waxing you can choose from for that Hollywood bikini look. It’s designed to remove every last hair from the front and back of your bikini line, providing a smooth and tidy finish which lasts for up to a month.

Have you heard of the Brazilian wax? This treatment is the middle ground of personal waxing. It’s not quite as extreme as a Hollywood wax, but will still leave you feeling smooth and confident.

Popular with ladies of all ages, an underarm waxing treatment tends to take around 10 minutes at Bibas Hair and Beauty Salon near St Pancras. Half an arm takes 15 minutes and a full arm 20 minutes. Specialists in beauty treatments will discuss all options with you.

Why not go for a full body wax? If you’re tired of having to shave your legs and trying to stay on top of stubble, a full body wax is what you need.

Leading beauty services near St Pancras

For all ladies’ waxing treatments, make an appointment with Bibas Hair and Beauty, a leading beauty salon near St Pancras.

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