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What to look for in a leading nail technician

A lot of people spend time, care and money on different aspects of their appearance – especially their hair! In recent times though, the same care and attention has been directed in other aspects, such as our nails. It’s important to look after our hands and nails, but finding the time in a busy lifestyle […]

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6 tips to keep beautiful and healthy hair

Everybody would like their hair to constantly look as perfect as when you step out of your regular hair salon, having just had it professionally styled. Often, however, when washing and styling your hair at home, the end product doesn’t come out quite the same! Incorrect hair care at home can result in damage to […]

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The growing popularity of men’s intimate waxing

Guys, it’s not just ladies who enjoy the benefits of intimate waxing. In the last couple of years or so, male waxing has grown in popularity thanks to a number of leading Hollywood men and celebrities. Men’s intimate waxing now has the nickname of “manscaping”, a trendy term for this growing grooming masculine experience. As […]

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Leading beauty services near St Pancras

Ladies, whether you’re after an underarm, Hollywood or leg wax, make an appointment at Bibas Hair and Beauty salon near St Pancras today. Ladies’ waxing is quite painless and leaves you hair-free for around four weeks. It’s time to put down the razor, do away with stubble and ingrowing hair and embrace the feeling of […]

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ladies balayage

Our leading women’s hair and make up salon

It’s a hectic time of year – there are cards to send, last minute presents to buy, not to mention all of the wrapping! Give yourself a little TLC with a quick visit to our women’s hair and make up salon in central London. Our talented stylists will have you prepped and primed for holiday […]

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Top tips for getting the perfect tan on a sunbed

Sunbed tanning is a safe and effective way to get your skin looking golden brown and to boost your Vitamin D levels. Indoor tanning is becoming increasingly popular, especially as the summer sun gives way to a gloomy winter. But many worry about getting the tan they want from a sunbed at a tanning shop, […]

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Why eyelash extensions – are they worth it?

In the past, anyone wanting longer, fuller eyelashes had to either apply mascara, use false lashes or wait for a growth serum to take effect. Today, you have the option to go for the popular treatment of eyelash extensions. Here are some of the benefits you’ll feel right away: You’ll cut your make up routine […]

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