Why Lycon wax is the best for our clients

We all love to be pampered and made to feel special – and one of the many ways we spoil ourselves is a trip to a beauty salon for various treatments, including a body wax. Once strictly the domain of the ladies, nowadays both men and women avail themselves of this treatment. Whilst there are […]

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How often should you trim your hair

Many of us spend a lot of time – and sometimes money – on our hair and getting the style and appearance we want. It can though, be difficult to know exactly how often we should be getting it cut to maintain its’ look and, more importantly, its’ long-term health. Different types of hair will […]

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ladies balayage

What is a balayage?

There are many styles and techniques for colouring hair – and whilst you’ve probably seen, and can recognise them all, you may not be aware of which technique is which. One of the latest trends that is becoming increasingly popular is Balayage – a free-hand technique of adding colour to your hair, applied from the […]

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The on trend beauty treatments in 2019

The palette of available beauty treatments is forever changing and increasing – different trends emerge on a regular basis across the industry. Every year brings new treatments to the fore – here are some of the hottest trends for treatments in 2019: Wellbeing or holistic therapies The fastest growing sector of the beauty industry is […]

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Your guide to waxing for Summer 2019

Summer’s here – for many of us that means holidays in the sun and the daunting prospect of putting on the bikini or swimsuit – and looking good in it! One of the aspects that always need to be considered is the removal of any unsightly body hair – whilst many are happy to take […]

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french manicure

A brief history of the french manicure

Anybody who regularly has their nails done professionally will, at some stage, have had a French manicure. Even amongst the myriad of brightly coloured and different textured finishes that are available now for nail treatments, the classic French manicure is still massively popular. That sheer nude look, finished with the distinguishing thin, white polish strip […]

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Top benefits of using a sunbed

We all love to have that ‘healthy glow’ that a suntan gives but, especially living in the UK, it’s not always possible to achieve it through the natural process of actual sunlight! The alternatives are to buy specific products to apply to ourselves giving a ‘false tan’, or to get our ‘rays’ in a different […]

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Simple ways to transform your hair style

When the better weather comes along, people often consider a change in their look to match the new season. You may want to simply update your current look and style, or may want to try a dramatic, completely new appearance. Either way, it takes careful consideration before committing your precious locks to a new style. […]

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The psychological benefits of massage

A growing number of people are turning to holistic therapies as part of a better lifestyle regime, and one of the more established, and traditional, therapies is massage. There are a number of different styles of massage available to us these days, from traditional Swedish full body massage and sports massage, through to the more […]

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