5 ways to prepare to ensure you get the perfect hair style

Opting for a change of look, or new hairstyle, can be exciting – but also, at the same time, frightening!

It can be an uplifting experience taking on a new look – but the consequences of it turning out NOT as you’d envisaged can be devastating! It is important to prepare as well as possible before undertaking your change of image.

There are really only two reasons why a haircut can go wrong – one is a lack of skill on the hairdresser’s part, and the other, more common cause, is a lack of something else – communication! Getting your hair stylist to fully understand what look you want is the most important thing – here are some tips to ensure that you avoid that haircut disaster:

Take a photograph to the hairdressers with you

Why take chances? As good, and detailed, a description you can give a hair stylist verbally as to what you want, it’s always going to be easier – and clearer, if you can actually show the stylist the look you’re after. The more detailed photographs you can provide, the easier it will be for your hairdresser to achieve the desired look.

Get a proper consultation

This is the head you are going to walk round with for a while – you want to ensure that it looks as you intended! A proper, detailed conversation with your stylist is required to ensure that what they deliver is actually what you want. It is just as important for the stylist to understand your vision as it is for you!

Ask an expert hair stylist

Whilst you may think that the hairstyle you saw on that model in the magazine would look great on you, an expert’s opinion may well be worth listening to. After all, this is what your stylist does for a living every day – they are in a position to cast an expert eye over what looks good on certain people and what just doesn’t work! They have the knowledge and experience to be able to guide you on what sort of look will suit you – indeed, if your stylist doesn’t have an opinion, or suggestions, for your new look, then perhaps they’re not the stylist for you!

Research a salon before trusting them with your hair

You wouldn’t dream of buying new clothes, or anything personal, without looking at the options and alternatives first would you? So, apply the same attention and process to your potential new hairstyle – after all, unlike a dress or shoes, you can’t take it back if it doesn’t look good on you! Go online, have a look at salons websites, look at the images there, read the reviews of the salon. Perhaps there is a particular stylist getting better reviews than others – look at postings on social media from the clients, and the salon itself. You owe it to yourself to pick the best look available!

Most salons will offer you free consultations – take advantage of this – the most important factor here is communication. The clearer a picture you give your hair stylist of what you want, the more likely you are to attain that new style you’re after!

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