Top 5 services you didn’t know Bibas provided

Bibas, a professional beauty and hair salon in Central London is located in Bloomsbury, not far from Kings Cross. Many people from around the world, as well as famous clients, have used hair and beauty services at our leading prestigious salon. There’s everything you could wish for and more in the hair and beauty range. Here are the top five services you maybe didn’t know Bibas provided:


How about a sunbed and solarium session? Relax in the fully-equipped solarium sun room for a 20 minute lie-down session. Your eyes will be fully protected against UV rays as you chill out on the ultra-tan 38-tube sun bed, sounds amazing! To replace any lost moisture and to prolong the tan, just add a little moisturiser to your skin after treatment.

Full body waxing

Bibas offers exciting options of full body waxing including Brazilian and Hollywood waxing. Speak to one of our consultants about hot wax and strip wax combinations. There’s men’s speciality waxing, back, sack and crack, while the ladies can have their undercarriage hair removed.

Back massage

What could be better than a relaxing back massage? A half hour intense massage on the back will soon take away any aches or pains while also relieving stress. It’s ideal for people suffering from posture problems, especially in the lower back. Back massages can soothe anxieties while also boosting the immune system.

Bridal make up

Find out more about Bibas makeovers, perfect for special occasions like a wedding. You can have your makeup done professionally for your big day to make you look even more beautiful than ever. Why don’t you arrange to have your bridesmaids made up too?|

Mens body care

Check out Bibas men’s body care and treatments. Sessions include everything from facial treatments to male intimate waxing, manicures, pedicure and eyebrow shaping/tidying. Have a customised facial or an eyelash tint. Body treatment for men gives you the chance to customise your body by removing dead skin cells, waste from the skin as well as increasing your blood circulation.

Bibas also offers extensive hair colouring and perming for men and women including hands, feet and facial treatments.

Bibas Hair & Beauty

Mark & Sue Pittman established Bibas Hair & Beauty as their own in 1992. Together they have built a Central London salon which provides both Londoners and visitors from around the world with expert salon services including great haircuts, colours and beauty treatments.

You can view our range of hairdressing and beauty treatments on our new website. For more information please contact us or request an appointment online.